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Monday, November 23, 2009

What are your Thanksgiving Plans?

Well I just want to document what I am bringing to thanksgiving dinner for both sides of my family also I will post the recipes for all of the dishes throughout the next couple of day's so watch for them......

Wall- We (by we I mean my Mother-in-law and sisters in-law) are doing the whole shebang for both sides of my husband's family all at once, and I am excited to get to help.

Mashed Potatoes for 20 No One makes them quite like the Pioneer Woman.
Dinner Rolls and Honey Butter
Mini Cornucopia place-settings for 100
Apple Pie
Ginger cookies for the little kids to decorate.

My Parents and family are planning to spend the day skiing as usual, without me darn it! But they will be home in the afternoon and we will have dinner that evening. I am bringing--

Grandma Smout's Green Beans (nothing like Campbell's version)
Apple Pie
Cranberry Sauce