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Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 My Sourdough Goal

Anyone who has worked with sourdough knows that it isn't an exact science. Just google "sourdough" and start reading- there are volumes of information! I am still rather new to this and just trying to figure my starter out. I have in possession this great, sourdough start that is older than me, from my Uncle in Cali. I've had it for a year now and have kind of played around with it for a whole year but haven't made any growth in my sourdough skills :) I've tried to make a couple of things the most memorable were the rotten tasting pancakes and my brick hard bread! One of my new year resolutions is that this is the year that I will figure out the best sourdough bread recipe and conquer it! So expect to see quite a few sourdough recipes over the coming year! This won't be easy since I recently burnt out the motor in my Kitchenaide mixer (it was only 6 years old?)--I am now saving up for a Bosch. I'm finally getting serious about sourdough! Wish me LUCK because I'll need it!~